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Rock formations at Salar de Pocitos, Los Andes Provincial Reserve, Puna de Atacama, Argentina
Puna de Atacama, Northwestern Argentina
Expedition to a high and dry land of remote volcanoes and salt flats
Prearranged expeditions throughout 2010/2011 season
  The Puna de Atacama is a high-altitude plateau of approximately 4,000 to 4,600 meters (11,000 to 13,000 feet) elevation that lies between ranges of the Andean cordillera in Northwestern Argentina. This magnificently beautiful region is virtually unknown to foreign tourists and little known even to Argentine natives. The Puna is a place of desolate, stunning, and strange landscapes. Science Fiction fans may appreciate its otherworldliness. Artistic folks and photographers will find its earthy palettes downright inspiring. Trek across a vast white salt flat that will make you feel like you are walking on the moon or brave the winding track of the road of seven curves through the labyrinth of Martian-red towers near the village of Tolar Grande. Get as close as you will ever get to a flamingo in the wild. Test your lungs and legs on any one of scores of small and large volcanoes that rise above the plateau and offer stunning views of this strangely beautiful landscape. The Puna de Atacama offers a lifetime’s worth of exploring, but even grazing her most striking features will feel like the exploration of a lifetime.  
  More information about this visually stunning adventure soon to come. For now please enjoy photos from our previous expeditions to Puna de Atacama.  
  • Jaroslaw Zygmunt Wieczorek
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