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Paragliding Cerro Toro north of Iquique, Tiliviche, Chile
Desert Wings
Off-road paragliding in northern Chile
Frequent departures throughout year 2012
  So you flew the famous Palo Buque and Alto Hospicio sites in Iquique, Chile and you haven't had enough of Atacama desert flying? You needn't worry, the great dunes and coastal mountains of the vast Atacama are an untapped playground for paragliders. We have been flying in half a dozen new locations this year and can't wait to explore the many more possible flying sites in northern Chile. Come with us and fly over desert mountains covered in sand dunes, deep canyons, and pristine beaches fringed by the deep blue Pacific. We are looking for pilots of all levels willing to explore uncharted areas with us and to fly our new favorite sites.  
  Off-road flying sites  
  Read below about some of the paragliding sites we have been flying, exploring and pioneering. Join us and help us find new flying sites, discover the full potential of already known sites or just fly and have fun.

Camanchaca - remote inland mountain dunes. Fun adventure site still under exploration.

Collector - high sand- and rock-covered cliffs in the area of experimental coastal fog studies. Option of an XC flight to Iquique.

Caleta Colorada - very remote site located North of Iquique, only off-road access. Spectacular cliffs and enormous deserted beach. Possible XC for advanced pilots going North toward Junin or South toward Iquique. Local flying for pilots of any skill level. Great camping.

Lakes - Two artificial desert lakes: one green and one red. Take-off on cliffs of the coastal range. Local flights and XC toward Iquique.

Junin - Area of an abandoned port and never-ending deserted beaches. Beautiful views over Cuesta Arenal (desert plateau). XC potential under exploration. Great local flying.

Pisagua - Paragliding over a historical fishing village.

Tiliviche - Spectacular afternoon and evening flying site. This site has it all: super deep 1,000m (3,300ft) desert canyon, beach as far as you can see, great mountain views, extra buoyant air and still unexplored XC potential.

Vulture Ridge - Fun kiting and soaring sea breeze site.

Patillos - Traditional Iquique cross country site where you can fly right by an airport along the coastal range. Site of all Iquique paragliding competitions.

Chipana - XC site offering breath-taking desert views. The site is located about 120km (75 miles) south of Iquique. Take-off is a huge white sand dune climbing on the mountain. Flying from the launch toward Iquique will take you through dry river canyons, perfectly shaped sand slopes, and rocky promontories jutting into the sea.

Cerro de La Cruz - A site above the town of Tocopilla. If you fly from there to Iquique you will beat Chile's distance record. Do you want to try?

Desert towing - We have a towing rig and we tow pilots over the inland desert plateau.
  Trip details  
  These trips usually last from a half day to two days. For an overnight trip, we camp either in the desert or on one of deserted beaches, have a BBQ for dinner and watch millions of stars above Atacama Desert.

We provide transportation to and from the flying sites, retrieves from out-landings, meteo and site information, site pioneering coaching, paperwork and necessary permissions. Costs depend on how far we go, for how long and how many pilots are coming.

Call us and ask where we are going this week. You are welcome to join us. If you are an XC champion hungry for distance or a more relaxed pilot seeking tranquility you will enjoy off-road desert paragliding. We do it because we love it and it is great fun.
  • Jarek Wieczorek
tel. in the USA: (303) 800 6340
tel. in Chile: +56 9-8269-6562
website: www.antofaya.com
email: jarek@antofaya.com
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